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New Creative Talent in video production: Introducing Alex and Meg

video production

We are beyond excited to introduce you to the latest additions to the Sizzle Studios team. Alex, our camera operator, and Meg, our editor, have been with us for over two months and settled in remarkably quickly!

Matt and I want to build a team that feels like family and embodies the energy and creativity that defines Sizzle Studios. These talented individuals have quickly become integral to the inner workings of our business and have also led to us building very strong friendships.

Meet Alex: Camera Operator

Alex’s Background in video production

Alex was the first of the two to join our video production company, a fresh graduate of Film Production from the University of Portsmouth would you believe! (Matt and I both did this course at this university a few years before!) Alex has already made a name for himself as an award-winning cinematographer – Check out his grad film. It's bloody brilliant…

Alex’s Impact at Sizzle Studios

His fabulous camera ability, matched with his creative mind, makes Alex an instant hit with any client. In his short time with us, Alex has shown a remarkable ability to bring fresh perspectives to our shoots, making him a true asset to the Sizzle team. His friendly demeanour and collaborative spirit make him not just a colleague but a joy to work with.

Introducing Meg: Editor

Meg’s Background in video production

Meg comes to us with a far more diverse background, having directed, filmed, and produced an award-winning short documentary, which, unfortunately for you lot, is still doing the rounds at film festivals, so no, you can't watch it just yet! Meg is a well-versed filmmaker who thrives outdoors and has an uncanny eye for photography. You’ll see lots of her work on our website in the coming months! Check out the trailer for her documentary.

Meg’s Impact at Sizzle Studios

Meg’s eye for detail is unmatched, and her ability to pick out a narrative from the most obscure content makes her invaluable to us here at Sizzle. Meg’s editing skills are not just about cutting and splicing, though. Her consistent, high-quality work and unique perspective on storytelling greatly enhance all the narratives that we tell here at Sizzle Studios.

video camera

A Perfect Fit in Our Video Production Agency

Alex and Meg have been with us for just over two months, and they've already become beloved team members. Their kindness, interesting backgrounds, and unwavering dedication to their crafts perfectly embody the positive, fun, and friendly atmosphere we cherish here at Sizzle. Having been best mates for over five years, Matt and I have always aimed to create a workplace that reflects the vibrant energy and camaraderie we've brought to Sizzle since its inception 3.5 years ago.

We are incredibly grateful for the fresh energy and innovative ideas Alex and Meg bring to Sizzle Studios. Their presence enhances our current projects and enriches our team dynamic. We look forward to seeing how their contributions will help us grow and evolve, and we can’t wait to expand our team even more, bringing in individuals who share our passion for storytelling and creative excellence.

Stay tuned to see some of the amazing work coming from Alex, Meg, and everyone here at Sizzle Studios. The best stories are yet to be told!

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