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  • Matt Alexander

Introducing “Tellin’ Stories” by “Sizzle Studios”

Production Planning for "Tellin' Stories"

Well, we made it to blog post number two! Welcome back! We are excited to talk a bit about our latest and greatest production to date: "Tellin' Stories." Shot, by and for Sizzle Studios on April 1st, this project has been an exhilarating journey that has really evoked a lot of emotion from Matt and myself. This production has been a huge learning curve. With over 50 people on set, we navigated the challenges of handling large-scale productions, including managing animal actors (a majestic horse named King, in this case), coordinating complex stunts, catering for the masses and hiring in millions of pounds worth of equipment.

Behind the Scenes of Tellin' Stories

One of the most thrilling moments was staging a stunt that saw a performer take a daring leap off a two-story balcony. It was a real heart in mouth moment for all of those who had never seen live stunts performed before and a rare glimpse into the world of blockbuster movies as none of the professional stunt men seemed at all phased by what was going on – a normal day in the office for these clinically trained athletes!

The day tested us for sure, but the camaraderie and expertise that the entire production crew and all of our talent displayed throughout the day was so impressive. You really could feel the adrenaline, excitement, and creative energy being passed from person to person as the day went on. We left the set with a wealth of newfound knowledge on how to tackle ambitious projects, and a very, very keen sense of accomplishment.

Teamwork and Creativity

"Tellin' Stories," is a Western-themed advert, which will serve as a testament to what Sizzle Studios is capable of, and what we stand for: Cinematic Storytelling. In this four-and-a-half-minute masterpiece (if we don’t say so ourselves…), we've captured the spirit of the Wild West while showcasing our team's signature creativity, cinematic excellence, and unbelievably fast turnaround times, believe it or not we pulled off all pre-production and production, from conceptualisation to wrap in under 15 days! I know we still can’t quite believe it either!

The atmosphere on set was electric, and we couldn't have asked for a better team or environment to bring this vision to life. Thank you to all of those who were involved, we appreciate every second of your time and hope to work with you all again on the next one!

Entering Post-Production

We've now moved into the second stage of post-production, with the project just having been picture locked. It's time to hand over our baby to the talented sound design and colour grading teams. Their expertise will undoubtedly add the finishing touches to what we already view as our signature production.

We're beyond excited to share this project with all of you in the coming weeks. So, keep an eye out on our socials for teasers and updates

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